Wednesday, 8 August 2012

A collaboration between three bloggers and their printed Primark jeans!

A while ago now, Avril from School Gate Style suggested that those of us who had featured the same Primark printed jeans on our blogs, might like to do a joint post together. And so here we are: Avril on the left, Joanna from Poppy's Style  in the middle and me on the right.

It was always my intention to return my jeans, not because I didn't like them but because I didn't want to tread on the fashion toes of our thirteen year old.

However, for various reasons I didn't manage it and they remained in the back of my car until it was too late to do anything other than try and see if I could make them work for me.

These jeans aren't the easiest piece in the world to style and they do require some perseverence. A light background is always less flattering than a light print on a dark background.  Also, because they do add a little bulk, I prefer them with heels - and it's quite hard to find heels to wear with them for a day time look. Here are some of the ways in which I have styled them.

Outfit 1 above: Topshop sequin T, Jigsaw necklace, H&M shirt, New Look desert boots, La La Rocks bracelet;

Outfit 2 below: With plain grey Jigsaw top and cream Dune brogues for a day time look.


Outfit 3: With wedge desert boots, sparkly Topshop top, open shirt (H&M) and Zara boyfriend cardigan.  Out of all of the looks, this is my favourite - a bit of height from the heels, coverage from the boyfriend cardi, and a less fitted top than the one above means no breathing in required!  

Outfit 4: Dune brogues, Coast grey silk vest top, H&M shirt

Outfit 5: Lilac striped French Connection jumper, H&M blazer, LK Bennett Sledge shoes.  This is obviously more of an evening outfit.  The lilac stripes in the jumper pick up the lilac of the jeans.  However I  then toned it back down with the addition of a white jacket.


I think that I got there in the end and that the £13 ish that I paid for them won't have been wasted.  Now that I have found a combination that I like (outfit 3) and which I can wear locally without feeling too daft,  I will try to get maximum wear before the summer is out. 

So, here we are again! Avril looking beautifully serene and stylish as ever, having styled her jeans for an evening out.  Joanna, in one of  my favourite Boden blazers, which adds a stylish sophisticated feel, and me in a casual look with heels.

Why not head over to School Gate Style  and Poppy's Style to see how Avril and Joanna have styled their floral jeans and also to read their fabulous blogs, which I am sure you will love.