Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Mum on the Run - Shoes offering moderate coverage

Today I am dealing with my fourth and penultimate style challenge which causes problems in the summer - keeping feet covered - but not covered up.  It's not a "sexy" topic but stay with me and it will all make sense - I promise!

Lots of sandals, particularly flat ones reveal a lot of the foot.  There are a variety of reasons why this causes problems for women.  Some feel that as they have matured, their feet aren't what they once were, either due to blemishes, the start of bunions or the presence of unsightly veins. Whilst not wanting to wear closed in shoes, some women would like sandals that offer a reasonable amount of coverage.  Below are images of sandals ranging from flat, to wedges, through to mid height, stacked heels and clogs.  All of them offer some moderate coverage so that the entire foot is not on display.  Obviously whether the sandals featured below address the problem or not depends on where the problem lies-but at least they should give you some ideas of what is out there.  Unlike yesterday's shoes, most of which were bright or floral, these are more muted in tone.

  • Starting with flat shoes - these Boden sandals have a criss cross pattern over the foot and will help disguise problem areas whilst not covering the foot entirely.  As you may imagine, they come in a variety of different colours.
  • These flat shoes, also from Boden, have sufficient detailing in the tassel to provide some coverage towards the front of the foot. 

These wedges from New Look offer a lot of coverage up the front of the foot and despite being practical in the sense of being covered up, are still modern looking.

  • These two pairs of shoes from Dune have a mid height heel so are practical not only in that sense but also because they provide coverage

  • These stacked heels from Clarks Boutique range are a great find.  They are a good price and will go with lots of things from cargo trousers, to wide legged jeans through to printed dresses and anything white. They too offer lots of coverage. 

  • And finally the clogs.  These could have come under yesterday's post (shoes for those who don't like their toes) but I thought that I would save them for today.  Out of all of the shoes on offer they cover the foot the most but if you are happy to have your toes on show, there are open versions out there too.