Friday, 22 April 2011

Mum on the Run - It's all white!

Today saw me visiting my oldest school friend and then it was on to see my Mum.  I love going back to the village where I grew up - seeing the church, the local, the chippy and the Post Office where I longed to have the yellow microphone and flippers (how random?) that were on display when I was all of six - it all just reminded me of those long hot summers when I was younger.

Today I was road testing my new white dress from Mango, in preparation for our weekend away in Brighton.  I liked the fact that it was cotton, double layered and that it had an interesting detail on the hemline.  Also I love white for the summer as it is a blank canvas - my summer equivalent of navy really.  The good thing about it for me was that it had a good length to it (as do most of Mango's dresses and skirts) so little is revealed when scrambling around with our three year old.  

Not too long ago I was described by a friend of mine as scrawny (he knows who he is!) but the fact that the dress had a high neckline meant that my scrawny chest was not on display!  However my arms are OK so the fact that the dress was sleeveless was a positive. I styled it with a gold belt and gold sandals to go with the gold buttons on the dress.  However it is so versatile that I will put lots of different accessories with it.  In fact if the weather stays nice I fear that I might be wearing it quite a lot- well that is until either I, or one of the children, spills something revolting on it and ruins it.

Have a lovely Easter weekend.