Monday, 27 February 2012

Mum on the Run - Day time sparkles (and lots of them)!

Isn't it lovely to have some warmer weather? It was a nice feeling, lightening it all up by swapping the boots for sparkly converse, adding a scarf in "this season's" colours and layering a new white shirt under my favourite sparkly jumper. The outfit was a bit full on sparkly but hey, the sun was out! I am happy to wear skinny trousers but if I have flat shoes on with them, I have to limit the "dumpy" factor by keeping the trousers as dark as possible!

On the subject of sparkles, and tops in particular, I received a comment the other day from a lady who wasn't sure that sequins would go down too well at her village school in the Lake District. I promised that I would post a photo of a top that might be a good "dipping your toe in the day time sequins look" kind of top. It's from H&M, is machine washable at 30 degrees and costs £24.99.

To break it up a little, I would layer a white shirt underneath (why do I keep typing shite shirt?) or to actually hide it a little, a longer knit could be layered over the top and maybe even a scarf, so that all that would be visible would be a strip of sequins down the middle. It could still be worn with jeans and winter boots/wellies and a practical coat, keeping the look casual but a little bit fun and sparkly too - even in the day time.

Yesterday it dawned on me that I needed to up my game in preparation for my trip to London tomorrow for the photo shoot Woman & Home Magazine. By up my game I meant - do something with my monobrow, do something with my broken nails and sort out my skin. In order to deal with the latter, I lined up all of the free samples of face cream that I had and decided which one looked as though it would deliver maximum benefits in minimum time - a sort of protein shake but for the face. The Clarins serum won and I have been layering it on in the hope that it does something. I'm not sure what but something, anything, would be good. I don't know if it will work and in any event it could all be academic - I've heard that photoshop is very good - thank goodness.

I am not sure that I will be home in time to do a post tomorrow but I may tweet a few pics throughout the day instead and I will be back on Wednesday to fill you in on how it all went.

Today's outfit is: Trousers Cos, Gap (shite) shirt, Warehouse jumper, M&S pumps, Mango scarf, Mulberry bag.