Sunday, 5 February 2012

Mum on the Run - Sunday Best

I have often thought how amazing it would be if you could buy in a jar, the kind of jam that you get in doughnuts and jammy dodgers.  That totally manufactured, seedless red glue that hasn't had any kind of fruit near it.  There's nothing like it and I would know, because I have just eaten a doughnut.  Checking out whether we should buy individual doughnuts, or a packet of them, was great for the children's maths this morning. Yes, I am very good at making maths fun.

Running my "Sunday Best" feature in the middle of the winter probably wasn't the brightest of moves.  I now need to go and strip off into something partyish, which I must admit I don't particularly feel like doing right now - but a promise is a promise, so here goes....

I bought this dress in Zara for about £60. I loved the design of it as I think that it looks much more expensive than it is.  Also, it doesn't require much by way of accessories.   I also liked the fact that it wasn't black and that it came with a pretty belt.  There is a history to it though - our eldest left it in M&S and she and my husband went back into town to find it when we realised after returning home that we didn't have it.  It was a miracle they found it because we didn't actually have a clue which of the 23 shops we had been in, we had actually left it in.

Naturally, I cheated a little for these photos and this is what I was wearing underneath...

Heat tech thermals from Uniqlo - the best on the market! I quite like this dress a bit shorter and might get it shortened after having worn it a couple more times for evening events - that way I will get some more wear out of it.  I have put it with my taupe LK Bennett Sledge shoes and a Kew bracelet.