Friday, 21 June 2013

Mum on the Run - It's only a tank but I like it....

Give me a hot day and the need for a simple summer top and I'll show you a problem. Simple tops, like many things, can be tricky. I've never been a fan of T shirts - for some reason they just don't feel right. When it comes to vests, the straps can be too strappy, the vest itself too fitted - almost as though you're wearing underwear as your outerwear. Fine if you're Madonna, Kylie, or 15 but otherwise not such a good look. The need for tops specifically for the summer seems to be decreasing as the years go by so versatile tops have to be the way forward.
So I was quite excited to come across this tank from GAP (£14.95). It's one of those pieces that whilst it doesn't look as if it would set the world on fire, I feel that it could have a million and one uses in your wardrobe and after owning one, you might wonder how you ever managed without it. 
So, what do I like about it? First off the fabric. It's 100% viscose, which I know some won't like, but I really like the soft, slightly silky drape on it. Secondly I like the fit. It doesn't cling, so for anyone with a bit of a tum, it's a godsend. The hemline is slightly scooped so there aren't any horizontal lines across the hips, which is also good and the straps are wide enough so that whatever you may require in the bra department, the straps won't be on show.
The arm holes are quite deep, so another vest is required underneath (unless you're wearing a bikini top or are happy to flash your bra) but again for me that's a bonus. It's a chance to work in some stripes/sequins/another colour underneath the top, whilst an additional layer adds some warmth and a little support!
Here's a quick snap of one in the flesh. Obviously having had a hard week at school it would have been unfair of me to ask anyone to move from the settee to take the photo but aside from I suppose it's a nice shot of my Grandma's sideboard and the typewriter that my Dad gave to my Mum when she was 21!
As you can see below, they come in a whole range of colours from vibrant green and royal blue through to navy, white and pastel colours too. The sizes are generous. The xs would have been fine for me but I am wearing a small as it is all they had and with the tops being a loose fit, there's probably very little to choose between the two sizes.


Worn with shorts, jeans, on the beach over a bikini, to work under a jacket with a scarf, or out for the evening with a pendant, skinnies, heels and a blazer/printed jacket/tweed jacket/leather jacket - one of these could be just what you have been looking for.

Fortuitously I had to nip into town first thing, which just happened to coincide with the Zara sale. Did I buy anything. Well, perhaps just one or two items. Whilst there I spotted this top that I featured a while ago and which I know several of you were after.

I've also included a shot of the details for anyone who wants to try and track it down online or in store. It's now selling for £29.99 and they do come up fairly small so it's best to size up.

Hope that everyone has something lovely planned for the weekend. Fingers crossed for some good weather.