Sunday, 2 June 2013

Mum on the Run - To take advice from the Style Section of the Sunday Times Magazine, or not? That is the question

So, what should I wear when visiting my favourite shop of all times - Build A Bear Workshop? Ideally a smile, not least to hide the grimace of the cost of the things in there, but how our youngest and her friend loved it. Such delight on their little faces. I know the feeling behind those delighted faces only too well and with new sunglasses, ear bobbles and a dressing gown for Daisy, and a completely new dog for her friend, all was perfect in the world of those two little five year olds.
You've seen all of these things before - probably many times over! Hobbs boyfriend jacket in dark foam, Topshop jumper (see below) in lemon, Mango sandals, Orla Kiely bag (Bicester) and GAP jeans.

Topshop knitted stitch sweater in lemon (£32) - just to let you know that this has patches on the elbow, which I know some people don't like.

Mango nude sandals, which I can't seem to find on-line. I say can't seem to find because we all know that they are probably there somewhere and it's just me who can't find them.

I have to ask, does anyone else read the section in the Style Magazine of the Sunday Times where readers' fashion dilemmas are answered? Without being critical, and really I'm not, did you see the question today sent in a by a girl wanting a watch so that she could time herself accurately during exams?
The digital watch was a great option, the chunky Michael Kors inspired one was another great option but the one with no numbers around the edge and an owl printed over half of the watch face - in an exam? I can just hear girls all over the country coming home and saying to their parents:
"Sorry, I thought I had an hour left to finish my exam but the time was up. The trouble was I couldn't tell the time on the watch that I had bought on the advice of Laura Weir in the Style Magazine because it didn't have any numbers on it and half of the face was obscured by an owl." I shall say no more for fear of getting in trouble with a certain teenager in this house. Not that for one moment I am suggesting that she would do something like this. Oh no, not at all.