Thursday, 20 June 2013

Mum on the Run - Wearing flared jeans and taking style inspiration from Rod Stewart and Bruce Springsteen

Yesterday evening my husband and I went to see Rod Stewart. Whilst I didn't wear this outfit, Rod was sporting a mighty fine white jacket just like mine - although I don't suppose that his cost £30 from Zara a couple of years ago.
Apparently the reviews described it as brilliant but camp and slightly cheesy (his performance that is, not the jacket), which is absolutely true and that's what made it fantastic. The best bit was when Rod, without realising it, was caught on a huge screen eyeing up one of his female musicians - of which, unsurprisingly, there were many. Classic!
I'm sure that some who have followed Style Guile for a while now will remember this outfit from last summer and possibly the one before. Really long, kick flared jeans with a wedge heel are great for giving the illusion of longer legs and additional height and fortunately a solid wedge heel makes it a fairly practical option. These jeans are also a nice change from skinny ones and there's no doubt that a flare on a jean does have the hip slimming effect that it claims. The jeans that I am wearing are from Mango and they come in a 34" leg as standard.

For a similar pair, Mango currently has these jeans for £16.99

To keep everything the right side of smart, I also wore a blue printed silk shirt from Gerard Darel at Bicester, Zara white jacket, Dune wedges and Orla Kiely bag.

As to his outfits, Rod had some great Kermit coloured green trousers, which I guess were a reference to his passion for Celtic. What with several changes of outfit comprising a white jacket, some leopard print, skinny black trousers and a yellow shirt, I think that he may become my new style inspiration. It's a good job that I'm not going to see Bruce Springsteen in concert tonight or it could be double denim and bandanas all the way. Wow, imagine that. On second thought, perhaps it's better not to.