Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Mum on the Run - An outfit for a soggy sports day part 2

Almost two years ago now I wrote a post entitled " A soggy sports day". It has turned out to be my second most viewed post of all times, which says a lot about the weather at school sports days!

Given that there are likely to be sports days happening all over the country, and given that I was at one today which could at best be described as chilly, I thought that I would post another outfit for "a soggy sports day".

This was an outfit of layers! For my first layer I wore a peacock blue lace vest from Jigsaw (see picture/link below, although I'm not sure that there is a peacock blue one at present. Mine is quite old now). These are great vests as they have lace around both the neckline and around the hem, which gives a nice touch to an outfit.
The next layer up was a silk/cotton cowl neck top from Jigsaw (again, the picture/link are below), followed by a Zara blazer. The top also comes in navy. I wasn't too sure about it to start off with but I like the cowl neck, the fact that it has some "thickness" about it, if that makes sense and the fact that it is versatile and can be accessorised with necklaces/scarves/belts etc. Also it's quite a relaxed fit.

This is a clearer picture of the silk/cotton cowl top from Jigsaw (£79)

Accessories came in the form of a leopard print Topshop belt, leopard print Boden bag and Kurt Geiger sweep boots. I also wore three bracelets layered together - one Fat Face, one White Stuff and one by La La Rocks.

Was I dry? Yes, because it didn't rain. Was I warm? Flip no, that's why I also wore my thickest grungiest Jigsaw parka over the top. The parka which really should have been consigned to a wardrobe somewhere far, far away in about March, or April at the very latest, but sadly no it was still on the coat stand in the hall.

I have another sports day next week - let's see what the weather does for that one! Ooh, by the way, who else is excited about the new collaboration between H&M and Isabel Marant? I can't wait to see the preview of that collection - what a coup for H&M.