Tuesday, 30 September 2014

A New Look bag of the season for £19.99

I've looked at the Whistles verity backpack (£295) on many occasions but even with the pretty impressive mental gymnastic skills that I possess when it comes to justifying purchases, I still can't make it add up - either literally or metaphorically.

But the silver formal backpack from New Look (£19.99) on the other hand, is a completely different matter. For something that isn't go to be an investment purchase of one's life, £20 seems a much more agreeable amount to pay. Plus the thought of saving £275.01 (not that one would have ever spent that amount in the first place) leaves one feeling perfectly justified in making another purchase.... or two.  


  1. Love that! I have gone off whistles - lost their USP and priced we mere mortals out of the market. Hoping there will be a reality check soon.....Hx

  2. Did you see the silver backpack on the boden spring preview, in between priced but looks good..

  3. Have avoided the backpack look so far - don't tempt me! For that price I'd rather buy a classic style bag. Am not sure about silver though. If you get it, I'll be interested to see how you style it!

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