Saturday, 20 September 2014

And tonight, I will be wearing my....dancing shoes

Remember these days?

Mr SG are off to a black tie event tonight so yesterday morning I pulled out a couple of things that I had it in mind to wear - one of them being these Dune sparkly shoes.

Remember how a couple of days ago I said that there were certain things seemed to go down well with lots of people? Well when these were produced, the girls were like bees around a honey pot. No sooner had I prized them off the feet of the six year old, when the fifteen year old appeared and put them on.

Then there was some sisterly sharing where they opted for one each...

Before admiring themselves in them. See what fun we have in the mornings (!!)

Personally I would be equally happy in these - my new Saucony running trainers.  Although I have to admit, they're not as sparkly.


  1. Love these sparkly shoes have a black flat pair going to get them out tomorrow! So cute

  2. Love your shoes! I can see why your girls couldn't wait to wear them! Hope you had a great night. Lynne x

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