Sunday, 28 September 2014

Sparkles - you can never get enough of them (that's my excuse anyway)!

H&M shirt, Jigsaw jeans, Dune shoes

Having taken a good look through my wardrobe a few weeks ago now, I started to make a mental list of the things that I needed to add to it. As you might imagine this list changed on a daily basis, depending on the weather, what I saw, what I liked and so on. But one thing was very clear - although I needed to add more tops, I DID NOT need any more pale blue ones.

So what did I add? Yep, a pale blue top - the H&M  denim shirt with sparkly gems (£29.99), to be precise. Having written about it the other day, I thought that it would be good to share what it's like in real life. In fairness I ordered it not knowing whether I would keep it or not but then I decided that I liked it and now it is firmly ensconced amongst the other pale blue tops and shirts that reside in my wardrobe. I will wear it with jeans (wow, radical), coated jeans, printed trousers, a tube skirt and full midi skirts too. So hopefully it will earn its keep.

Thank you to those of you who have added your name to the guest list for the Jigsaw event that I invited you to yesterday. We've been talking about it for a couple of years now but finally it has been signed off. Yippee! An official Jigsaw invitation will soon be out but for now we just wanted to ask people to save the date. Hopefully I'll see lots of you there for what will be a really fun event.

Enjoy the start to your week.  Can you believe that we are there again already?!