Friday, 11 August 2017

You are always on my mind - the Baukjen leather leggings

Much as it's my job to know about the upcoming trends for the season, and what's in the shops, I try to steer clear of thinking about winter clothes for myself until...well....the winter. If I miss out on a winter coat in August, I'm sure I'll manage.

But, as in the words of the Elvis song "Always on my mind" these navy leather leggings from Baukjen (£350) really are always on my mind. Well not always, that's a slight exaggeration - but more than they should be, given the time of year.

But then again just think of the endless ways that they could be worn - from now until, well, probably all year round - other than one or two vaguely sunny days. With a silk shirt/pyjama top type combo, through to a chunky jumper or cashmere round neck. With loafers, heels, trainers and winter boots. Now they're not only on my mind. I've talked myself into a full blown obsession.

For now I shall hold off. But watch this space. One day they may appear....out of the blue (I know. Terrible pun.)

Is there any other piece of clothing that is "Always on your mind" at the moment?!