Wednesday, 25 July 2012

On the Run - in a white lace Mango dress and Episode shoes

Being British, it's only right that I should mention this fantastic weather. I am never happier when the temperature it warm enough for me to wear just three items of clothing - undies (that counts as two - just to be clear but without being too specific) and a dress.  Heaven!

As we aren't going abroad this summer, I wanted to extend an invitation to those SG readers who are, (or indeed who aren't) to get snapping whilst on holiday, with a view to featuring on the blog in all your holiday finery! Whether it's beach cover-ups, sight seeing outfits, swim wear, sundresses, shorts, or outfits for an evening out, I would love to do a post or two on what you are all wearing on holiday. So, if you can persuade your family to get snapping, whilst you channel your inner [insert words of your choosing!] that would be fantastic. Then just send me a handful of your favourite shots, letting me know where you are, and I will put some posts together.

We were having a bit of a trip out the day that these photos were taken. We started by talking to a team of firefighters who had parked up for lunch in Brindley Place in Birmingham, which was very interesting for us all!
We then went for a walk along the canal, where our youngest spotted several men without shirts - and boy did she let them know that she had spotted them! Oh crikey - where to turn?!

Once the warm weather was on its way, I decided that it was going to be dresses all they way.  It's time that they did some work for me. This is one of my favourite dresses - a white one from Mango which I bought last year and which it is rarely warm enough to wear - until now!

I agree with Grazia (above) that a white sundress is a great item to have in your Wardrobe and I like to ring the changes with the belt and the shoes I put it with. I am wearing mine with a blue belt from Topshop and pinky/red snake print flats from Episode.

Unfortunately this shot shows the last known siting of my favourite blue snake skin Reiss bracelet, which I have worn so much. We used it as a reference point when re-tracing our steps to try and find it - but all to no avail.  The children were brilliant at looking for it and were duly rewarded with milkshakes at TGI Fridays.

To escape the heat (now that's not something I could have imagined writing any time during the past few months) we went into the ICC and to the art gallery there - where they had on display, and at a perfect height for a four year old, a sculpture by Salvador Dali worth £27 500. She was mesmerised by it - together with the other two on display - so rather than being bored as I hoped she might be when I saw the price, she wanted to stay for ages. And at we all know at that age, it only takes one sneeze, one trip, one involuntary movement before everything comes crashing down. Oh help!