Monday, 23 July 2012

On the Run: Miranda Kerr - Not so much a style crush as a style inspiration

I'm not really one for having crushes on anyone, whether it be of a style nature or any other nature - that is excluding Gary Lineker and Gary Barlow of course - but those "crushes" have existed for far too long to be classed as crushes in any event!

There are celebs/A-listers who I think rarely put a fashion foot wrong - Diane Kruger and Solange Knowles to name but two but on the whole, a lot of celebrities just irritate me.

When I saw this picture of Miranda Kerr last week, her dress reminded me very much of a dress that I have had sitting in my wardrobe for quite some time, and it gave me the impetus to dig it out.  Not so much a style crush as a kick up the bum to get something different on (weather permitting)!


Now clearly I don't have Miranda's figure on my side, nor the Balenciaga shoes to go with the dress, nor indeed the big burly bodyguard (I would make a joke here about not needing a body guard as no-one would want to steal our children but that would be in bad taste).  However, as far as the dress being similar goes, I think Oasis was way ahead of the game, all those years ago! What do you reckon?

Bet she can't chuck her dress in the wash when her little munchkin wipes his dirty mitts all over it. But then again I don't suppose dry cleaning bills are much of an issue for her.

Dress Oasis - over half a decade old now
Shoes by Jigsaw - ditto
Owner - starting the slow but steady creep into her fifth decade tomorrow!