Friday, 27 July 2012

On the Run - Wearing a French Connection Maxi dress and borrowing a little something from the Wardrobe across the landing!

Do you ever do things without thinking through the consequences?  Well I have got myself in a bit of a pickle with the whole swimming costume debacle. Having thrown the floor wide open for swimming costumes to come my way, I now have five of them, but I am not quite sure how to cover them on the blog.

A shot of each costume laid out somewhere, however artistically done, isn't going to convey much at all. But I am not sure that parading around in them myself is going to do much for them either, or any of the brands come to that.  So what to do? I thought about borrowing the bottom half of my eldest for some close up shots but that would be cheating - and that's one thing I couldn't do.

However, speaking of borrowing things from our eldest, I happened to come across her chambray H&M shirt this morning and I thought how well it would work over my maxi dress.


And when she said to me this morning "is that my shirt?" I responded with the words: "It miiiiiiiight not be." Which of course was a lie because we both knew that it was.

She was in such a good mood though that she didn't mind.  The reason for the good mood was because she was going into town with her friend to do some emergency jeans shopping.  Fortunately, this particular friend is very trustworthy, which was a good thing as everyone is fully aware of our eldest's capacity for disaster.

I gave her strict instructions to put the money I had given her into two separate purses, so that it would be more difficult for her to lose it all in one go - although she did still manage to lose her train ticket. Mind you, having said that, I locked us all out today so she probably gets it from me anyway.


So, anyway, here's the outfit - French Connection Maxi Dress, Long white vest from M&S layered underneath it so that I don't get arrested for indecent exposure, H&M chambray shirt and Jigsaw printed bag.

Oh, and this was probably the longest conversation that Mr SG and I had yesterday evening:

Mr SG:   "Have you had your Barnet cut?"
Me:         "Yes."
Mr SG:   "Thought so, it looks good."
Me:         "Thanks."

Never let it be said that we're not deep!

I was really excited when I heard from the Senior Editor of today to say that the article that I had written for them about flat shoes that every woman should own, had gone live on the site. If you would like to take a read, you can do so here

Hope that you are still all enjoying the sun!