Friday, 13 July 2012

On the Run - Leather Jackets: Either or Neither?

I need your help to decide, should it be either or neither when it comes to the leather jackets?  Flo (eldest) initially decided neither, on the basis that she preferred my Oasis cream one. She felt that both were too big but then decided that she did, in fact, like the blue one . Okey dokey.

I also thought that these pictures may help anyone else who was thinking about ordering one of these jackets, come to a conclusion. I decided to simply put both jackets on over jeans and a jumper, without any accessorising.

So, this is a front shot of the French Connection one, size 8 and priced at £182.50 instead of £320.  I decided to order it on-line because the in store return policy isn't great and I like to have the option of returning things if I'm not 100% sure.

This is the Boden one, again size 8, priced at £210 instead of £350

This is the back of the French Connection one.

...and this is the back of the Boden one. I have to say, despite being too big, I really like the detail and shaping on the back of the Boden one.

This is the French Connection one from a distance...

...and the Boden one from a distance.

The French Connection one is much thicker, which is great for me as I can tell it would be warmer.  It also fits better than the Boden one (which is definitely too big) and I like the colour.  However, I think that I marginally prefer the style of the Boden one. 

Whether I keep either of them or not (and I'm honestly not convinced about either of them - which probably answers the question) I do believe that it is worth bottoming things out properly, especially if something is quite pricey.  Seeing the back shot of the Boden jacket made me appreciate the detail on it, which I am not sure I would have done otherwise. For now my conclusion is that I need to sleep on it. But ultimately, if you don't love something that is as pricey as this, it doesn't deserve a place in your wardrobe!

ps Apparently the Next sale starts at 5am tomorrow - it's a brave person who battles the crowds and shops at that time. There are also further reductions at Whistles and Pure Collection.