Saturday, 4 August 2012

A round-up of holiday outfits to include Jigaw, Hobbs, Zara, H&M, Gap, Next, Warehouse, Reiss, French Connection, Pied a Terre, Carvela and Sea Folly (plus others)!

Wow! It's so good to be back!

I didn't get any time to blog whilst on holiday and, after returning home, I made a pact with myself that I wouldn't blog until I had finished certain (really interesting) jobs - such as filing, sorting - you know, the usual domestic chores that get left until they reach the stage where they have to be addressed or else everyone disappears under a pile of magazines, rather like something on a poor quality TV show when the front door can't be opened because of piles of old newspapers.  Except in my case they are piles of Grazia, Red and Easy Living magazines, plus endless receipts!

We had a fantastic time away.  We stayed at the Watergate Bay Hotel in Cornwall which I can thoroughly recommend for families. The views of the bay were fantastic, as was the food, the rooms and the relaxed atmosphere. For the first time ever, since since we have had children, we took advantage of the childcare that was on offer and the youngest loved going to "night-time nursery" for a couple of hours.  The hotel thought nothing of people walking around in wet-suits, dripping wet having just left the pool - or anything else really, which was great.

This was the view from the pool - amazing! It was closed to children until 9am which meant a lovely peaceful swim every morning. Other than the day when there were six maintenace men cleaning the pool one morning - and only me swimming in it!


Anyway, having spent more time in the water than at any other point in my life, it left little time for photos, which was probably quite good on the whole as I was wrinkly most of the time with slightly red looking eyes from the saltwater/swimming pool.

We did manage shots of a few outfits, so here they are:

Dinner first night

H&M shirt, Gap trousers, Pied a Terre shoes, Reiss and Coccinelle cuffs, H&M ring (I thought that I blended in quite well with the surroundings!)


Lunchtime day 2 - Fifteen Cornwall

Next trousers, Warehouse knit and bag, Carvela shoes, Jigsaw necklace;

My husband was impressed that I managed to continue my birthday celebrations even a week later! Impressive huh?! This lemon polenta cake was lovely.


Body boarding days 1, 2 & 3

Wetsuit (borrowed from a friend as I had leant mine to our daughter) and thermal vest! The waves on the last day were like nothing I've been in before. They were huge! The lifeguards were out with their loudspeakers, on their jet skis and generally doing an amazing job, and it was brilliant.

Dinner day 2

Jigsaw trousers (current and in the sale) NW3 top (sale) plus new season NW3 necklace and pied a terre shoes;


This is a closer look at the Hobbs NW3 beaded collar £29 (post to follow shortly on beaded collars, which we are going to see a lot of next season).


My first hero piece

French Connection maxi dress which was great for layering over my swimming costume on my way to the pool and then going to breakfast in afterwards.  I also layered a French Connection knit over the top and a studded belt so that I could wear it in the day time, with converse.

And the middle of these three costumes was my second hero piece.  A while ago, I wrote a post about how my swimming costume had seen better days. In fact, it was almost at the point of being indecent. Anyway, amongst others, Seafolly sent me this middle swimming costume below, to try out.

I thought long and hard about how to include it, without looking like an exhibitionist - or an idiot! Anyway, when it came to it, it more than earned its place in my Wardrobe, so it therefore definitely warranted a mention.

Swimwear Vintage Years

I wore it every day to swim before breakfast, again under my wet suit and then again in the pool later on in the day with the children. For once I loved wearing a swimsuit - not in a "hey look at me" kind of way (I still made our son get out of the pool to retrieve the ball with which we were playing) but I felt covered, held in, and respectable - more as if I was wearing clothes rather than underwear - if that makes sense. So, whilst Seafolly are more expensive than some brands, and I would never previously have spent that much on a swimming costume, I think that they are worth the investment and would do so now.

So, in the spirit of seeing what it looks like on a "real" person, here's a shot that we took in the garden before going away. 

What you lose in leg length by having the 1950's cut on the leg, you gain in decency and comfort!

Today I wore some other pieces that I took away, but which I didn't get a chance to wear:

Jigsaw khaki skirt, French Connection pale blue striped knit (same as the navy one above) Topshop blue belt, Warehouse bag, Zara shoes (excuse the bucket - the fish were having their Saturday morning water change!)

Later on in the day I swapped the blue belt for a Topshop leopard print one, and brogues for our walk in the park.

So, that's my round-up of the last week or so.  Keeping to a simple colour scheme really worked for me but being on the go so much, I pretty much stuck to the same few pieces without much time to think about what I was going to wear.

I am now looking foward to our next trip, which is a few days on a narrow boat with some friends. Altough not the narrow boat we had booked, as I have just been informed by our friend that it has sunk. It doesn't bode well! Better get that cozzie back on!