Sunday, 12 August 2012

Style Guile Smile - Is it a ballet flat? Is it a smoking slipper? No, it's the Charlotte Olympia Bisoux Loafers

                                                  Bisoux loafers

You may have seen the post that I did last week about smoking slippers. On the whole, they were received very positively but I can understand that some have reservations about them. 

So these, I think, are a half way house between a ballet flat (which are starting to, dare I say it, look a bit dated) and a smoking slipper - the Charlotte Olympia Bisoux Loafers

At £465 they are not at all cheap but, the good news (I think) is that they have sold out in most sizes, other than a 37 - so even if you were tempted, it may not be possible to push that button on the computer which would make them yours!

However, what these did more than anything when I saw them, was make me smile. I love red shoes, I love pink shoes, so the combination of the two together and the cheeky lip detail were a perfect combination for me. They won't ever be mine but I can live with that!

Anyone else hoping to watch the Spice Girls in action tonight? It's got to be done really hasn't it?  I'm just off to whizz up a Union Jack dress from a tea towel in preparation.