Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Style Guile Finds - Something to keep you warm as September approaches

I must admit that I had a little panic yesterday.  When I finally braved the outdoors, somewhere in the middle of the afternoon, it was cold - really cold - which made me think that the summer had gone for good.

Now as you all know, I hate being cold. It makes me really miserable.  So, I wondered whether it was time to reach for the jumpers - and that's where my second (mini) panic came in.  You see, I can't bring myself to even take a look at my jumpers because I keep finding moths in the house - and I fear that they will have devoured my knitwear.

So, my plan is to buy a couple of jumpers, both to deal with the drop in temperature - although it's been boiling today so perhaps I am a little premature in my fear - and also because it will soften the blow if my others have been scoffed by the moths.

"Why don't you just take a look at them now?" I hear you ask. Well, in all honesty I don't have that many pieces of knitwear that I truly love so I could do with adding one or two new bits - and anyway, I'm a wimp.

I'm not looking for anything run of the mill - I have your usual round neck, v-neck and cropped jumpers and cardis. I also have a couple of sparkly pieces, another one with spots on and several striped jumpers too.

There are lots of weird and whacky jumpers out there for the season. Novelty jumpers, for want of a better phrase, have had a bit of a revival. But I think I am the wrong side of 30 to go around with batman shouting "kerpow" splattered across my chest. 

Or indeed have a pair of eyes staring out from it, as per this Markus Lupfer sequined wool jumper £280

Animals are also big - owls in particular thanks to Burberry but also foxes, dogs and perhaps lions too, if you live in Clacton.

Colour blocking will be a big trend for the season and I love this Gap boat neck sweater £29.95 which also comes in bright turquoise with grey, and yellow with grey. It really packs a punch on the colour stakes and will look great with those dark bottoms we all love to wear - or even some bright floral ones for those feeling brave.

Animals are also big - owls in particular thanks to Burberry but also foxes, dogs and perhaps lions too, if you live in Clacton. And unlike seasons gone by, jumpers aren't just going to be part of an outfit, they will be the centre piece of the outfit.

The Burberry owl cashmere sweater £795 has already sold out at Net a Porter - so I am showing you the t-shirt - but the jumper isn't hugely different in design. Owls are going to be huge this season and Next has many pieces which are subject to the owl influence!

So, here are a couple of pieces that I think walk that fine line between run of the mill and screaming "Look at me, I'm wearing a jumper of the season." (You wait - bet I will be sporting an owl in a few months - just not a burberry one!)

First off the white company rib hem sweater £85.  The White Company has great knitwear and there's always an offer to be had, so what may appear quite expensive at first glance can sometimes become more reasonable. I love this style jumper with skinny jeans, khakis or cords together with chunky boots and a long pendant for an off duty chic look.

This White company navy poncho £85 is a great way of adding interest to the silhouette of your outfit without adding too much bulk. I like the fact that it is different from the usual jumper/cardi styles and because this one isn't too voluminous, or brown, or crocheted, it doesn't have those negative 1970's associations, which so many ponchos have!

It's worth taking a closer look at this Boden skye jumper £69.  It is a relaxed fit, comes in different colours and is slightly lower at the back than the front - great for filling that breezy gap when bending over.  The reviews of it are really good too.

I love this Mango buttons flecked jumper £34.99, especially with the denim shirt styled underneath it.  It is also longer at the back and the buttons are down the back, which again makes it a little more interesting. The fleck in it makes it really versatile and I love it as styled on the Mango website, with wide cords and heels with the sleeves rolled up. Again, a laid back but stylish look.
A post on jumpers wouldn't be complete without a sequinned jumper and surprisingly, there are a lot around already.  Usually they appear nearer to Christmas but I have noticed a lot in the stores already.  This Mango sequin wool jumper £44.99 also comes in grey and would be great as an evening update to jeans.
And if you do decide to embrace the whole jumper trend head on, what better place to look than Topshop? Over the years I have had some great knits from Topshop and this year they have paisley, Union Jacks, drums, skulls, army print, as well  as pretty lace and pastel coloured jumpers. For anyone feeling romantic, how about this Topshop hearts jumper £36? It can soon be toughened up with leather, spikes and denim!

And finally, you know I mentioned an alternative to the Burberry owl jumper - well here she is, the French Connection lady owl jumper £67 - what's not to love?!