Monday, 10 September 2012

Mum on the Run - Party Party Party!

As many of you will know, we had big birthday celebrations this weekend which took the form of a 70th birthday party for my Mum. I can tell you, there's no better motivation for getting the house tidy than the thought of having lots of friends and family around Even the front step got a coat (or three) of paint!

So, in a departure from my usual posts, I thought that I would do a non-fashion post. Hope that you like it!

Our son and I made several batches of these the night before the party in preparation for afternoon tea the following day.  Freddie rolled them out, cut them out and gave them the egg wash. A greater fan of the Great British Bake-off you will not find! Wonder what Paul and Mary would say?!

This photograph was taken early in the morning of the day of the party. The bunting was borrowed from a friend and here you can see the freshly painted step!

And the tasteful (!) 70th decorations. They were limited but you have to have some, don't you?!

And just a few more!

Our youngest laid one of the tables for afternoon tea. She even chose Grandma's special mug and put the napkins and flowers out too. On the day, we used three or four beautiful table cloths that my Grandma had hand embroidered probably over 50 years ago now. We also used golden syrup tins for flowers, which we have collected over many years of baking. Note the owl cushion - where fashion goes interiors follow - except we had the cushion first!

Mum's birthday cake, as made by Caroline of Caroline's Cake Company with her beloved cat, Mia, on the top and beautiful handmade flowers. It tasted divine too.

I made this arrangement for Mum - a huge glass filled with things that remind us of her: jelly babies, liquorice allsorts, rubber gloves, hairspray, Walkers crisps, rollers, tea bags, gardening things and the all important blue eye shadow! Do you know how difficult it is to get a blue eye shadow in just the right shade of blue?!

Our eldest popped up to arrange the macaroons and pastries. Does anyone else remember Julie Walters as Mrs Overall and her macaroons on Acorn Antiques? It used to make us all laugh - and did on the day!

I think that Mum had a great time. Being surrounded by all my friends husband's seem to put a spring in her step too (as well as being surrounded by her family and friends!)

I also wanted to say thanks to Laura and Flo from the White Company for sending me this lovely box - which had something lovely in it which I will wear, and write about, when the weather is a little colder.

It arrived as I was walking through the downstairs of the house with a towel wrapped round me, having had a shower. The doorbell rang and I saw it was the postman with a very interesting looking parcel. Opening the door wasn't an option, so I called through the door to the postman and asked him whether I needed to sign for it. He must be used to this type of situation and just said, "No, it's fine, shall I just leave it on the mat?" Yes thank you Mr Postman, that sounded like a very good plan for all concerned.