Wednesday 12 September 2012

On the Run - A very busy Mum in a lovely French Connection dress

Today I am bringing you Sarah, who is wearing the French Connection sub zero dress.  Sarah lives close to me and we often have "clothes chats" when we bump into each other in the supermarket, in the street, at ballet - wherever really!

Sarah dropped me a text after I featured the French Connection trousers in the same print, in a post in August entitled "How to choose and wear prints".  She told me that she had just bought the dress in the same print but said that she was unsure how to wear it as it was a bit short. But let me tell you, this lady has amazing legs!

Anyway, I asked Sarah to let me have a photo of her wearing her dress, so here it is. In her accompanying email she said:

 "From a mum perspective - it's a bit short so I put leggings with it as we were going to a children's party and I knew I would be clambering on the bouncy castle to assist Seb, 2.  I also have my trusty cross-body bag (crew - 2011) which has lots of room for nappies / wipes / drinks / hats / suncream - and I don't get too upset when the drinks bottle leak etc but I'm hoping to upgrade to a cross body leather satchel at some point ! A Handfree bag is essential for me !

I've got a v old navy jigsaw cardi - bought in the sale and some shoes from Dune which both my mum and sister also now own ! Mine were last year's but they had exactly the same ones in this year."
What I really like, is the way that Sarah has taken a dress which, at first instance, could look difficult to wear in the day time, and styled it in such a way that it works for her - clambering over bouncy castles and all. Also, the neat style and small print are great for her petite frame and I love the way that she has kept the rest of her outfit neutral so that the dress does the all the talking. Lovely! I am hoping that she might get a chance to wear it for an evening event so that we can also see it without leggings. If anyone can pull it off, Sarah can.