Monday, 19 November 2012

Mum on the Run - M&S pants; they can't be beaten!

When I stocked up on new undies recently from M&S, I didn't expect to feature them on here. However when I told my friend about my new purchases, and how good they were, she commented that she didn't really like doing the leg work on those things and I could I write about them - so here they are.

These are the No VPL Low Rise Floral Lace Shorts which cost £5, or £10 for 3. There will never be one style of pant which suits all women but for anyone who likes the shorts style, these are great. They are more supportive than the lace version that I have worn for the past few years and the reviews that I have read (there are 82) are pretty good.

Personally, I wouldn't ever rely on the no VPL assertion - these are pretty good but it does depend on the fabric of the clothes that you are wearing. Also, they do come up on the slightly small (ish) size too, so I would suggest going up a size.

When you find yourself choosing something in preference to anything else that you may own - that's when you know you are on to a winner! So if you are ready for an underwear update, these could be worth trying. They do look like several other styles - as I found out to my cost when, having bought 2 pairs I went back for a whole load more and got the wrong ones - so it's worth taking the "T" number - T618699B.