Friday, 30 November 2012

(My) Mum on the Run - in the best Supermarket buy ever!

My Mum came to stay with us yesterday so that she could see our youngest being a chicken (!) in the school Christmas play. When Mum appeared in this cheeky little number this morning I knew that it just had to end up on the blog. How cool does she look with her turned up collar and coral scarf?!

Expecting it to be an M&S number, I was surprised when she said that she got it from Asda and that it was a totally bargainous price of...wait for it....£16. Way to go Grandma Pickles! (So named after her last cat.)

Being the friendly soul that she is, Mum was waving to some young chap who had come to trim a nearby hedge. After she had gone he said "Wow, is that your Mum, she's a character isn't she?" Oh yes indeed! Just look at that legendary blue eyeshadow.

The coat has great detailing on the back,with a little drawstring to give it some shape. We spotted someone else in the same coat when we were out in Selfridges today but I have to say, she didn't wear it half as well as my Mum!

Unfortunately I couldn't see any on-line but I wouldn't be surprised if there was the odd one in the stores. Instead I came across this quilted jacket in burgundy (£19), which is another great find, also courtesy of George at Asda.

Quilted Jacket - Burgundy

I am going to Leeds tomorrow to meet my friend who travels down from Newcastle for our bi-annual shop and catch up so if I don't manage to post tomorrow, I will be back on Sunday.  Have a great weekend!