Sunday, 2 December 2012

Mum on the Run - I'm dreaming of .......a pair of Church's shoes!

During our day out in Leeds yesterday, my friend and I dropped into Church's shoe shop. Leeds is definitely worth visiting for a day out - especially, it would appear, if you are on a hen do! The shops are lovely - housed in old arcades, shopping there is a real pleasure and a lovely experience.

Initially we went into Church's to see whether there were any work shoes in the sale for my husband. He only take a size 6.5 so it is really difficult to find any shoes to fit him. Anyway, it took me about 20 seconds to establish that there weren't any before my attention turned to the women's shoes.

To say that the shoes in Church's are beautiful is an understatement. There's very little that would make me contemplate thinking about parting with £350 for a pair of shoes (assuming that I had it in the first place) and I have to say that if I did, it wouldn't be on a pair of Jimmy Choos, or Louboutins or Manalos. They just don't do it for me.

For a pair of the Church's studded brogue (£350) however - then yes, I would. I think it could be argued that a pair of their classic brogues would be a better investment, given that the studded ones would date sooner - but it's all academic anyway so it doesn't really matter.

With the ever increasing need to wear flats, a pair of these would definitely make me a "happy flatter." The quality is incredible and I suspect that, unlike a designer pair of shoes which haven't really earned their high price tag in terms of quality and craftmanship, these certainly have. Apparently it takes eight weeks to make a pair. There are also some great loafer styles and from memory a couple of other styles for women which I can't seem to spot on-line.

Unfortunately, I suspect that these shoes would outlast me - which isn't a pleasant thought but I suppose that it would make them a better potential investment!

Although I was aware that Church's was a traditional brand of English shoes, the history behind them is really interesting. Should you feel inclined to do so, you can find out all about them here

The other style that I liked was this Slipper (£110), which, even though it is designed to be a slipper, is probably more hard wearing than lots of slipper shoes which are available at the moment. These are in the men's section but they do start fairly small.

There's something really attractive about a traditional brand which has earned its reputation over hundreds of years. Yes, the price tag may be high but I know from the couple of pairs of work shoes that my husband owns, which were bought pre-children (so more than 14 years ago now) they are fantastic quality. Unlike lots of designer shoes I have read about, I don't think there would be any suggestion of the soles of these falling off after a day's wear.

Actually, I've just had a thought. My husband is only half a size bigger than me. I'm off to find a pair of thick socks....