Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Mum on the Run - Here's a little snake print mid heel court to pep up your wardrobe.

OK, so I know that our weather might not be quite up for a no socks look - and I admit that this is another look involving skinny jeans but I liked this outfit (below, middle) that I saw Miranda Kerr wearing last week. It's simple, stylish and eminently "do-able" (as long as you are indoors, or at least not outside for very long).

Miranda Kerr is wearing a polka dot court with her outfit. Initially I thought that they were a red snake print, which got me thinking about snake print shoes, which then led on to me thinking that a mid heeled snake print shoe would be a good addition to my wardrobe. Funny how these things happen isn't it?!

Knowing that I had spied a pair when working at M&S at the end of November, I went to find them in our local store. And oh golly me - there they were! My size, great price (£15 - just in case you hadn't spotted the huge label in them below) not too high in the heel department and very comfortable. Oh yes, they will do nicely thank you very much. As one friend proclaimed - "they could be absorbed as part of the weekly household expenditure" i.e. no need for guilt or confessions!

Unfortuntely, as is quite often the way with the M&S site, I can't find them anywhere online. However for anyone committed to the cause, the style number is T02/0459A and they do carry this style in most larger stores.

Here's a side ways shot of them - just to demonstrate the height of the heel. I plan on wearing them with skinnies, fitted black trousers plus dresses and skirts too. The height of the heel is such that I could wear these at home quite comfortably without feeling either like I was going to topple over or that I was way over dressed. I like the idea of them with jeans and an oversized knit too.
I might need to dig out a bit of spray tan for the ankles but thinking about it, it hasn't quite yet been put away for the winter yet anyway (which has more to do with not having got around to it rather than going for a Benidorm look, in Birmingham, in December) so that won't be a problem.

As an alternative - because it's always good to bring an alternative - there's also this Elizabeth court (£139) from Hobbs. I slightly prefer them but are they worth nearly 10 times as much? For those wanting to make an investment purchase possibly yes but for now, I am happy with my little £15 numbers from good old M&S.