Saturday, 29 December 2012

The 12 outfits of Christmas: An outfit of masculine tailoring from Zara, Dune and Benetton

Tonight it was all about the shoes! We went round to see some friends which meant that I could wear these ridiculously high shoes with an equally ridiculously thin heel. Less car to bar - more car to living room - but, luckily for me, the principle was still the same.
With the taxi outside, the shots were done in 2 seconds flat but I think that you can see enough to get the idea...

I already had the shoes and trousers in mind but didn't really feel like going for a sparkly top or silk shirt so dressed it all down with a denim shirt. The shape of the pink coat - less girlie, more masculine, seemed to lend itself to the outfit - so that's the road I took.

These black Zara trousers have a subtle leopard print worked into them.

These glittery numbers, previously known as shoes and now re-named by the fashion world as single sole shoes because they don't have a platform (how totally bonkers is that?) were from Dune last Christmas.

This is a pink Mulberry which I used as an oversized clutch.

Luckily I was warm and comfortable and appropriately dressed, minus the heels, for a session of "Just Dance" -  a great form of exercise which I think could be quite addictive!
We are off up to Newcastle tomorrow so I shall bring you a couple more outfits whilst I am away and then  I will give you all a much needed rest from me! With that in mind, if anyone would like to feature on Style Guile - perhaps you had a favourite outfit over Christmas, or a present that you loved wearing - please let me have your photos to share with the rest of us.


  1. Gorgeous outfit Beth - the shoes really make it so therefore are worth the pain! Happy New Year to you, Avril x

  2. You are right - those are very high thin heels. I wouldn't stand a chance. Happy new year in advance!

  3. Gorgeous Bag though!! Happy New Year to you all! X

  4. Love the colour and style of the Mulberry and coat!

  5. look amazing in this look sexy, stylish, together, in charge and classy......!!!!

  6. That is a gorgeous coat - gorgeous colour, gorgeous style. You look great!

  7. Hi Beth, I love this look! Shoes are fab ( I got a very similar style from Dune in patent leather as a surprise from my other half - alas they were too big :(
    What are you doing in Newcastle? It's my neck of the woods - hope you have fun!
    Steph :)


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