Friday, 21 December 2012

The 12 outfits of Christmas: day 8: A printed silk shirt, skinnies and sparkly flats

Talk about three in the bed and the little one said. Last night one said that they had had a nightmare. Another one said that they were scared of witches. Another one said that they were scared that the world was going to end - so they all ended up in our bed. Then one asked another one to stop coughing. Another said her leg hurt and one wasn't tired. Except none of the above was me. All I wanted to do was sleep!
Having guests is such a great reason for tidying the house top to bottom, which is what I spent the first half of the day doing.
With that in mind, flats were a must. I also fancied a printed blouse/jumper combo - just because it's a warm and comfortable option but it feels as though I have made a bit of an effort. Trousers were also a change from yesterday's dress outfit.

This is a shot of the Zara coat done up, which someone asked for. We were on the way out to collect some anti-biotics that I need for an ear infection, so it was more a case of chucking the coat on for warmth. It sort of gives a flavour of it though.

Now this is my idea of a good Christmas pressie - a great big bottle of sloe gin. Hic! Happy Christmas!