Saturday, 8 December 2012

Mum on the Run - Urban Chic? I think not - I am probably wearing one of the worst "outfits" known to man!

One should never judge other people's outfits without having tried them oneself - which is how I came to be wearing a (Primark) Onesie and (Mini Boden's version of) Uggs on today's post.

Yesterday at the workshop I was running, one of the ladies spoke about how she had seen a woman out wearing a Onesie, accompanied by her children in pyjamas. It wasn't Children in Need or anything like that - it was just her outfit of choice for the day. I have also heard of Brad Pitt ("Inevitable" - what a rubbish advert!) and One Direction wearing them.

Wondering what could possibly make anyone wearing a Onesie look in the mirror and think to themselves "Hey, that's a cracking outfit, I'm going to go out in that today" I thought that I would put it to the test. Even without looking a mirror it's pretty obvious that they are dodgy in the style stakes.

Seriously? You just wouldn't would you? I get the idea of Onesie's at home - they are very comfortable and warm so to that extent I can see why they might be an outfit of choice behind closed doors - in fact I might even put one on my Christmas list now.

This being our daughter's (from last Christmas) it is a bit short in the body. I would have put the cow hood up but doing so could have caused serious injury, so I didn't.

I did wonder whether a different angle might be more flattering but no - I still look like I am wearing a baby-gro.

All I can say is, it's a good job that Onesie's weren't around when Trinny and Susannah were writing their "What not to Wear" book. If so I imagine it would have been a short book with this featuring in the first, middle and last chapter. Well that and a pair of too tight leggings with a cropped top - and no, I won't be wearing that particular combination any time soon. At least I am covered up in this.

To everyone out there: You wouldn't, would you? Or would you?