Friday, 14 December 2012

The 12 outfits of Christmas - Outfit 1: The Carol Service

This time last year I ran a feature entitled "The 12 days of Christmas" during which, predictably, I showed an outfit a day for the 12 days leading up to Christmas.
This year I'm calling the feature "The 12 outfits of Christmas". Why the title should be different when the content will be the same I have absolutely no idea - but there it is.  
Outfit 1 is what I wore to the school carol service yesterday.  It is a lovely event - a full on affair, held in the chapel by candlelight with the pupils in traditional blue capes, the choir in their robes and the teachers having a "robe-off" of their own. It was observed that none of the teachers' robes had fur on them which is just as well because I may have adopted one of them as my own.
The nature of the occasion made me think that it would be nice to wear my velvet(ish) Jigsaw wide leg trousers, which I haven't worn for a long time. They are lovely and drapey - and so comfortable too. It's also nice to have a change from skinny trousers/jeans.
I know that some people have an aversion to lilac but I like it in small doses.  This jumper is from Cos and underneath it I wore a white long sleeved T and a "collar on a bib" contraption from Cos. As the trousers are long, I needed a heel to go with them, so wore my Jigsaw shoe boots I am carrying a gold snake print purse with a purple trim, which is from Boden.
I'm pleased to have given the trousers a test run in a place where a) it was dark and b) no-one saw them. Now that I am satisfied that I am OK to be seen out in public in them, I shall wear them again. Outft 2 is already in its planning stage!
As for the picture, sorry about that. The 4 year old was the only one available to be David Bailey.