Sunday, 23 December 2012

The 12 outfits of Christmas - Outfits 9 and 10: Mixing Jigsaw, Kurt Geiger, Warehouse, French Connection and Hobbs

I threw yesterday's outfit on first thing just before heading out of the door in the pouring rain.  I wanted to wear the dress and the boots were just handy. Rather than changing when I got home I just added in the scarf to bring the black and brown together. I know - it's lazy and I should have changed and posted something more inspiring. However it was a miserable day, my right ear was still pounding away and I didn't fancy stripping off.  It was always my intention for Style Guile to be true to life - Christmas or not!
However looking on the positive side, a black jersey dress with a bit of stretch in it is a really handy piece to have. I have worn this with shoe boots, bright red shoes and knee high boots - a blazer, a cropped bright pink cashmere cardi - a chunky oversized boyfriend cardi, a necklace and a whole variety of scarves. Essentially it is a great backdrop against which to paint a picture to fit your mood.
The dress is Jigsaw, the boots, Kurt Geiger London, the scarf Oasis and the cuff Coccinelle.

Today the rain finally stopped. I felt that sparkles were the order of the day so put a Warehouse navy sparkly jumper with this printed skirt from French Connection.

I also wore Hobbs NW3 purple shoes. Despite the height of the heels, they are sturdy enough to be comfortable when out and about. At home I just swapped them for my Zara sparkly flats which I have been wearing a lot of late.

The skirt is far, far shorter than anything I would wear in the summer but that's one good thing about the winter - being able to wear short skirts with thick tights. It just opens up a whole new wardrobe of possibilities - which is always welcome.
I love Christmas Eve - it's my favourite day of the year. I hope that your plans for a lovely Christmas are all coming together - wherever you may be and with whoever you may be.