Thursday, 6 December 2012

Mum on the Run - Boden Bits and Bobs!

As many of you will know from yesterday's post, today I was working in the Boden store in the Bullring. I really like being there - for a start it's a shop and I am always happy when I am in the shops! There's also something nice about being surrounded by Boden clothes - and both the customers and the staff are lovely. I spotted lots of very distinctive Boden coats from over the years, many with spots on.
Having never seen these in the store before, I felt that it was my duty to give the Fair Isle hat and scarf a whirl. Ooh, they are lovely and so warm, especially now that the cold weather has hit. Whilst the hat is available on-line, the scarf isn't but fortunately the store has it in both the pink and the blue colourways. 

There are a few pieces which have sold out on-line but which are still available in the store, so I thought that I would show them to you - just in case you had been after them.

The Chelsea Bag is available in all colours. The navy and the orange (which is more like a lipstick red) and which is shown below, are sold out online.  There is a three week wait online for the dark coal colour.

For anyone after the Fairisle jumper  the store has it in all colours and in most sizes.  This is the navy one...

...and here it is in washed red.

Also, the Velvet slippers are still available in most sizes, although not a size 5. These slippers are completely sold out online.

Whilst in store I tweeted a picture of this Claudia dress which is really lovely and the reviews of it are great too. It's just above the knee, more gunmetal grey in real life than mink, which is what it looks like here and it also comes in navy. There are plenty of these online but I just thought that it might be worth taking a look at for anyone who is after a Christmas party dress and who has previously over looked it.

Unfortunately the Boden store can't send items out but if there is anything that anyone wants, I am happy to help. One of my favourite things in life is sourcing things for people that they desperately want (either for themselves or others) but that they can't get hold of. So, provided that I won't be assisting in making anyone bankrupt, or causing any civil unrest, I will do what I can to help.