Saturday, 15 December 2012

The Twelve Outfits of Christmas - Day 2: A sparkly Saturday

Sadly for our eldest, she chose to feature herself in the best of a bad bunch of photos - which is why she is appearing here today. It is also a shame for me in some ways as it means that I can't now pinch her Johnnie B Christmas jumper to wear on here - or can I?!

I knew that heels were out as an option for the day as there was a lot of dashing about to do. I also knew that a thick jumper was in order as my husband and I have very different thermometers. We play a game of cat and mouse in switching the heating on (me) and off (him).  

For some reason I felt that jeans were out so that really left a skirt that would look OK with flats. I have a few options but this one just felt right for today.

Option one (above) is with the belt in view. Option 2 (below) is without. I don't want to peak too soon on the fancy pants outfits - that is if I even have any - which is why I kept it simple today. However the addition of my Zara sparkly shoes made it just a little bit festive for when we were decorating the tree  - well that and my reindeer deely boppers.

One of our tasks involved getting the smallest one some new school shoes. As we went into the shop she sat down and said: "I've come in for some new school shoes as I have trashed these. I have worn right through the leather." I was just waiting for her to say "So bring it on and let's see how long the next pair last." Instead she dutifully dismissed four pairs, boxed them up for the assistant, decided on the fifth pair and off we went. I think that both the shop assistant and I felt rather redundant. She also left with a pair of new pink trainers which will be a Christmas present and dismissed the purple snow boots on the grounds that they were "too purple." Oh help. Like mother like daughter.