Tuesday, 25 December 2012

The 12 outfits of Christmas: Outfit 12 - Christmas Day!

Happy Christmas everyone!  I hope that you have had a fabulous day!

For today's outfit I went for the full on Christmas ensemble which involved a Fair Isle neon sweater and Chunky Knit scarf which Santa kindly left for me in my stocking. I have it on good authority however that he and his elves rustled up a few spares which can be found in Jaeger Boutique.

You know me - always a fan of something pink and something bright and something warm - so Santa was spot on. I love the neon pink band around the neckline and the cuffs as it keeps it on the right side of bright. I also wore a Boden hat for our trip out on a hunt for batteries and Blu-Tac. It wasn't really necessary to throw any more colours into the mix but if you can't be a little OTT on Christmas day, when can you? 

Cheerio everyone - I'm off to eat some Christmas pudding and the delicious shortbread that my friend gave to me - I mean us - as a present.