Saturday, 3 November 2012

Another way to remember...

I thought that the sentiment behind this Poppy Friendship Bracelet from Claudia Bradby was lovely, which is why I wanted to share it with you.

The piece was specially commissioned and £5 from the sale of each bracelet will be donated to the Royal British Legion.

I don't know about you but as each year goes by, the significance of remembrance day becomes even greater to me. There are obviously lots of ways to contribute to charity but I know that every time I wear this piece, it will remind me of sitting with my Grandma and Grandad and hearing their fascinating stories about the war - so it's a way of remembering them too.

Have a lovely weekend.


  1. That's lovely.

    I agree the remembrance seems more poignant each year, especially as many of the old veterans from the conflicts our parents and grandparents remember (and to which we have a 'personal' connection) are getting fewer and fewer. I got quite emotional today explaining to 5 year old why we buy poppies. I hope the next generation never forgets.

  2. Hear, hear - it is so important to remember those killed in wars past and on-going. I have noticed some more individual poppy broaches around this year but I think this one is absolutely striking.
    I have enjoyed reading you since the W & H article but this is my fist comment, so a belated hi!

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