Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Mum on the Run - A bit of an outfit miss - it's all a bit too much thigh heavy for my liking!

I've been caught! In the pub no less - and at lunchtime. Outrage!
We had a lunchtime birthday celebration for a friend the other day in a fantastic independent local pub which serves pots of tea, with jammy dodgers. They also serve food on tin plates and have jars of sweets plus cakes on the bar - now that's my kind of pub.

Anyway, a short trip out like this is always a good opportunity to try out something different, so I wore these Frye boots which I bought from Topshop in a sale so many years ago now that I can't even remember how long ago it was. I do remember however that they were reduced from well over £200 to a lot less than £50.

I put them with fine blue cords from GAP, Reiss pea coat, Boden leopard print bag and Oasis print scarf.

It was OK but  more of an outfit miss than a hit - all of which I am happy to share. I'm not really a fan of wearing skinny jeans in boots - for me it all becomes a bit too much about the thighs! Next time I will try them with high waisted wide leg jeans - true Dallas style. Speaking of which, it's going to start soon so I'm off - oh how I love that programme!