Sunday, 21 October 2012

Mum on the Run - On the beach with a little bit of Seasalt thrown in...

I was really disappointed not to be able to attend the Seasalt press day for their S/S '13 collection and wasn't entirely sure how I was going to be able to post about it given that winter was approaching.
However, the perfect opportunity arose today. Not only were we in Wales and about to hit the beach but it was also sunny - not just a little bit sunny either - but proper sunny, which didn't make writing about summer clothes seem quite so inappropriate.
So, here I am sporting my new Seasalt bag in preparation for our trip to the beach, which was kindly sent to me after the press day (and no, there was no way those boots were going near the beach. It's just that Mr SG forbids wellies in the car.)

This was the view that greeted us on arrival at the beach. Pure unadulterated sunshine - bliss. This is Newborough beach on Anglesey - one of our favourites.

The inspiration for Seasalt's S/S '13 collection came from the Scilly Isles, which hold a special place in my heart as I had a holiday there in my late teens.

Sophie Chadwick, who is the textile designer for Seasalt, has family who orignate from the islands and the collection reflects the colours, flowers and prints of the five inhabited isles of the Scilly Isles. The collection includes stripes to reflect the maritime history of the islands and floral inspiration is reflected in the chambray fabric in "Poppy". 

The bag that I was sent is great - reversible with a gingham print on the inside, it has a zipped pocket for things that you don't want to get sandy - (ie eldest's ipod which she has just managed to unlock, having locked it for 42 years (no kidding))!

I was also kindly sent a lip balm and scarf, neither of which I have used yet. However I have heard from many SG readers who like Seasalt and even my sister has mentioned it to me, which is a great accolade for any brand because she is as dis-interested in clothes at is possible to be, short of not bothering to wear any at all.

Here are some of the looks from the S/S '13 collection...

...together with a few more which are inspired by the artistic heritage of St Ives, Cornwall.

Here are a few things that you may not know about Seasalt and which I think are quite interesting:
  • Seasalt are the former winners of "Best organic retailer", the first time ever for a non food company;
  • Seasalt contributes towards maintaining and promoting local traditions and skills by selling a range of locally make products such as smocks and canvas sailing bags. They also sponsor various projects, such as a sea shanty choir and they work with schools on creative projects. They have also raised significant sums for charity in the last three years;
  • The Seasalt team comprises fashion designers, fine artists, illustrators and creative writers.
Thank you to Seasalt for my press pack and information about the new collection, which I can't wait to see in the stores which will probably in the Guernsey stores when I am next over there - such a lovely place too!

Here is a pic of the kind of things we get up to when on holiday. Mr SG found a magnifying glass which I had taken to the beach and he reverted to type by trying to light a fire with it - which he did with great success. I was never quite so inventive as a child - rather we pinched matches to light the fires in our dens! I doubt that would ever happen these days.