Monday, 15 October 2012

Easy Living Article - Six knits every woman needs

Today I am pointing you in the direction of the article that I have written this week for Easy Living online

Since having become involved with Easy Living, I have discovered what a great place Easy Living online is to visit for articles on Beauty, Fashion, Homes, Recipes and Culture. With their regular "We like her Style" feature, "Top 30 coats", "A-list hair" and "20 minute recipes" it's a nice place to escape to for the odd ten minutes here and there during a busy day. Anyway, I thought that I would share that with you just in case you haven't dropped by before now for a browse.

This week I have written about the six knits every woman needs together with how to wear them and style tips for each one.

If you are looking to work some knitwear in to your wardrobe this season, I hope that it provides some inspiration and ideas on what might work for you. Enjoy!