Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Mum on the Run (With a very numb bum) in Primark, Zara, Gap and Mulberry

With 7% battery left on my computer, I am up against the clock to get this post live before my computer shuts down for the night - which is something I would quite like to do but I can't as I find myself at my daughter's two hour cheer leading class, sitting in a freezing cold gym on an old fashioned school bench with a numb bottom!

This is my Primark yellow jumper which I posted about a few weeks ago. I wore it with Cos grey skinny jeans, Zara boots, a white shirt and my grey Mulberry bag.

Does anyone remember that advert for "Zest" soap years ago now? There was an aerosol button on the top of a bar of yellow Zest soap. Well that's what I feel like when I wear this jumper - a bar of Zest soap - it's all about the colour....but I still really like it!