Friday, 5 October 2012

Mum on the Run - "Doing a bit of a Gok!" (Just an idea)

It was lovely to hear from so many of you after the "Spotty Boden Coat post." It seems that a lot of us bought that particular coat in 2003 - and that a lot of us still have them lurking in our wardrobes. For anyone who decides to give theirs an outing this winter, I would love to see a picture.
Continuing along a similar theme, last week when I was shopping for last night's Style Event, I decided to take a fairly inexpensive piece and make it look more stylish and up to date - otherwise known as "doing a bit of a Gok"
So, here's what I chose:
One Cashmilon Crew Neck Round Jumper from M&S (£12, or £20 for 2. They come in a wide variety of colours, are machine washable and very soft.)

One animal print fur collar from M&S (£15)

and put them together to create (funnily enough) a - jumper with a fur collar!

As you all know, collars are a huge trend this season so instead of a fur one you could have a leather one (another big trend) a sparkly one or a beaded one (H&M has a good selection).

This fur collar is also substantial enough to be worn over a coat - I have a Christmas Day church service in mind for some reason here - and of course the jumper could be swapped for something slightly more fitted.

Just an idea for something to try with any jumper of which you have grown a little tired and which could do with a new lease of life.
Today I went up to Cheshire to do a casting for Marks & Spencer to work for them as an in store Stylist.  I have been lucky enough to be given a shiny new store to work in - M&S at Fosse Park. So, at the next cardholder event, which is at the end of November, you can come along and hear me doing  a presentation every hour, on the hour - probably along similar lines to the vlog that I did for Pavilions, but more indepth.
Have any of you seen the Bridget Jones films and in particular the one where her Mum works in a store with the device that cracks eggs (?) and also on QVC? For some reason I can't get that image out of my head. I fear that's what I may look like on the day!