Thursday, 25 October 2012

Mum on the Run - As featured on the Jigsaw blog "Insider Edit", writing about three of my favourite trends

To be invited to feature on the Jigsaw blog was pretty much a dream come true for me. For the first installment of their "Insider Edit" on 2 October, Jigsaw featured their US Fashion Writer, Heather Toner. Given that Heather is based in the LA office, her weather is very different to ours in the UK and she wrote about the trends "Boy Meets Girl", "Layer It Up" and "Jewel Toned Gems."

The Jigsaw stores are such that I have always taken great comfort from being in them - they just allow me to step off the world for a few minutes. Not only that of course but I love what's on the rails and always have done so since I was introduced to Jigsaw over 20 years ago now.

For their second installment of the Insider Edit, I was asked to choose three of my favourite trends and write about them, selecting some pieces to illustrate them from Jigsaw's new collection.

I wrote about "Country Heritage", "Luxe Leather" and the "Little Black Dress". The shoes that I chose to go with the LBD are unfortunately no longer available (great for them as they have sold out)but Jigsaw have made a lovely substitution on my behalf.

For a closer look at the feature, please click here - hope that you like it!