Saturday, 6 October 2012

Mum on the Run - A non skinny jeans outfit for a Saturday out and about (and it involves a bit of re-working too)!

I seem to be developing a bit of a "make do and mend" theme here but I figure that's OK. There probably aren't many people who are lucky enough to have the budget to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe each season and I take great satisfaction in re-working pieces, adding in just a few key pieces each season and combining them with some sale shopping to get the kind of wardrobe that works for me.  Hopefully it means that my clients will also trust me not to be flippant with their pennies too!
I have had this Jigsaw dress for a few years now and whilst I like the print on it, I am not overly keen on the style on the top half.

The length wasn't right either (it was a little long = frumpy!) so a year or so ago I had it shortened and today I put a new navy polo from Cos over the top of it, which effectively turned it into a skirt.

I also put it with these Lotta Beccles boots from Clarks (£69.99) for which I had a voucher and so got 20% off.

The boots are very similar to a pair from Oasis which I showed you earlier in the week but for me, at least, they are much more comfortable. Since these photos were taken I have tightened the buckle on the ankle so they now fit a little more snuggly.

Here's a closer look at the boots. For me they work because a) they have a decent height heel but it's not too high b) the block heel is sturdy (oh so practical) and c) they have the cushioning inside for comfort. OK, so I may be sounding practically ancient now but these things matter - especially when on your feet all day.

Here also is a closer look at the jumper. In all honesty I am not sure that this image would inspire anyone to go and buy one, so it's a good job that I saw it in real life first! Frankly this girl looks like she needs a good meal and a laugh. However, it is a great staple and whilst at £59 it's not the cheapest, it is 100% wool and I have always found Cos knitwear to wash and wear really well. It's also fairly short, which makes it good to wear with skirts and high waisted jeans.

Even if the print, knit or boots wouldn't work for you, the combination of dress or skirt/knit/ankle boots might be worth a try in some other form. It's a nice alternative to skinny jeans, not too smart and with a vest and long sleeve top layered underneath the knit, is cosy too. (OK, so now I'm sounding 100!)