Saturday, 24 November 2012

Mum on the Run - Who wore it best? There's a frock-off going on but there can only be one winner!

There can only be one winner in this particular frock-off and that would be the four year old fashionista!

Here we are, both sporting our navy and white spotted dresses, accessorised with belts.
What I wore: Hobbs shoes, dress and belt, M&S tights
What Matilda wore: H&M dress (chosen herself), Next tights, Clarks shoes, belt c/o older sister.


  1. So sweet - you both look lovely :-)

  2. Ah, so cute obviously following in mums footsteps in the style stakes.

  3. Lovely pictures! Seriously how cute does the little one look? You don't look bad either lol xx

  4. OK, she wins!!!! But only because she looks sooooo cute! To be fair, you look great also .. but how can you beat a cutsie like that?!!

  5. Hello everyone! Ah, thanks. Yes, she is a little cutie but I am sure that she will make us pay when she's a teenager! I don't make a habit of putting the children on the blog but I couldn't resist this one! Hope you are all well and thank you for dropping by.

  6. you both look fab ,so stylists


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