Sunday, 10 February 2013

And another Mum on the Run - As featured in today's press!

Sometimes you just see something that warms the cockles of your heart and for me this was it. My friend who I have known since I was at school, and who runs the blog Lottie's Interiors, was today featured in an article in the Sunday Mirror Magazine which was entitled Crafty Bloggers

Lottie's blog was picked up by a journalist who was looking to write about people who blogged about their hobbies. Lottie hasn't been running her blog for very long and has kept it under the radar, doing very little to promote it, writing about interiors for the love of what she does rather than anything else - so it's great that a journalist spotted it and recognised it for its great content and her style of writing.

Although the interior's work that Lottie does is a hobby, it's pretty much a full-time, slightly obsessive (in a good way) passionate hobby at which she is very good. When she told me that she would regularly change the colour of her bedroom over the course of the weekend, I wondered whether she meant it - but she did.

At school Lottie could turn her hand pretty much to anything of an art/craft nature, from woodwork, to painting, to metalwork to cookery. Let's just say it wasn't her drawing of a certain part of the male anatomy that was held up in biology for the class to ridicule!

Here is a lovely picture of her living room, which featured in the article. I can never understand how the rest of her house is as equally tidy as this room - especially given that she has two children.

But anyway there we are! It's her thing and she's great at it. So, if you like reading about interiors as well as fashion, take a nip over to Lottie's Interiors for a snoop around. I'm sure that you will be very welcome!