Monday, 4 February 2013

I went to Bicester and all I got was this...

I know, I can't believe it either. All the way to Bicester for a Jack Wills shirt. Given all the fantastic stores there how ridiculous is that?
The thing is, it was busy and I don't do shops when they're busy. At least I don't like arriving when they're busy. There were some quite nice peep toe boots in Hobbs and I liked some tux evening trousers in Reiss but the queue was too long. The Orla Kiely bags were as good as ever and Gerard Darel (not Gerald Durrell - he was the books guy) had some lovely prints. All Saints had a divine powder blue (more like pale grey) leather jacket but they didn't have it in my size - which was lucky really. The worse thing though was that I didn't see anything that I liked more than a top that I've seen in Hollister. The world has gone mad (or I have).
I've been on the hunt for a lumber jack/tartan shirt for ages now. I bought one in Zara before Christmas but returned it because it wasn't quite right. This one was perfect though - exactly what I was after and why? Because it's brushed cotton - just like my Cath Kidston PJ's - and really soft and warm. Oh, and I like the colours too.

So that's it. Nothing more, nothing less. All the way to Bicester and all I came back with was a Jack Wills shirt (no obvious logo you'll be pleased to hear) and all because the lady loves (not Milk Tray) but feeling as though she's wearing her pyjamas during the day. Is anyone else with me on that one - especially when it's cold?!