Thursday, 21 February 2013

Quilted jackets - a collision of interiors with fashion and old meets new!

Quilted jackets have been around for eons now. I can hear my friend Sal snorting with laughter as she reads this, thinking to herself (probably like many others) that she remembers her Granny having one which she wore whilst sitting up in bed having a cup of tea.
In fact, in the name of comprehensive research for this post, I have even looked at sites which stock traditional quilted bed jackets. I have to say that I am now very concerned that, if my computer is ever seized by anyone in authority, I will be convicted of crimes against fashion for even looking at those sites.
More quilted jackets are definitely creeping into the stores. With all things "Isabel Marantesque" being the height of cool, anything with a touch of bohemian chic is much sought after.
For me they are a great transitional piece, adding colour, texture and warmth whilst lightening things up a little. They will be fantastic with slightly beaten/faded/slouchy jeans and boots whilst the weather is cooler and can then be worn with converse or sandals when the weather warms up. I don't think that I would wear one with a dress or skirt for fear of looking a little too "house on the prarie" but if it was the right one, you never know.
I already own a couple of quilted pieces but sadly they aren't jackets. No, rather they are, ermm, quilts! I have always loved the print on this one which is from Laura Ashley and which now resides on the eldest's bed.

This one I bought from Cologne and Cotton, one of my favourite bed linen stores, when our son was born. I think it would make a great jacket!

And whilst I love this one, sadly it is for a 5 year old. So I think that it might be a touch on the snug side.

However taking a look around, there are several available, at a wide range of prices.

This one is from Anthropologie (£118). Anthropologie is stocked full of quirky and interesting designs, both clothing and interiors and is definitely worth taking a look at. Predictably I like the blue and white print of this one and the pretty detailing across the shoulders and the back.

Another option, also from Anthropologie (£118) this has a more distinctive design than the one above. It's less of a "blend in" piece and more of a statement so arguably better for someone with the right kind of personality to carry it off.

I love this River Island paisley print bed jacket (£30). I have no idea why we are seeing the backs of these jackets but there we go. This one has been in stores since September so is largely on its way out now, although there are some in the Liverpool store still.

New Look is getting in on the act with its black floral tapestry jacket (£29.99) which I am slightly less keen on, probably due to the darker colours. I see them more as a piece to lighten up your wardrobe, colourwise, after the winter - even if they do still have to be layered under a heavier coat for now.

As an alternative there's the New Look cream tapestry jacket (£29.99). I think that it would be better without the heavy black heavy trim but some will prefer its presence as it does a good job of toning down the full on floral effect.

The Hobbs NW3 Keats jacket (£129) is a real cutie. It would look good with muted colours layered underneath it, or with a brighter colour to bring it to life a little more. Either way, I don't think that anyone would feel too conspicuous wearing it. I can also see how to start with it may have few friends but I have quite high hopes for this one!

You may have seen the Zara printed cardigan (£59.99) on Kat's blog (Does my bum look 40 in this) and in Sue's (Susie So So). They both looked fantastic in it and for very different reasons. The background is a bit pale for my colouring, although it would look amazing on Yazury, who I featured yesterday.

Predictably this navy blue Zara jacquard cardigan (£59.99) is one of my favourites because a) it's navy, b) it's navy and c) it's navy - with just a few colours worked in there as a trim. Sadly it's not available yet but I am sure that it will be any day now.

So, that's what I have found so far. I also checked out Oasis, Warehouse, H&M, Mint Velvet, Mango and Banana Republic - but these seem the best of the crop so far - unless anyone can tell me otherwise. Would you or wouldn't you? I will be!