Friday, 10 January 2014

A favourite French Connection printed skirt

I can't believe that it's Friday all ready. It's all been a bit of a whirl - one child back to school on Monday, one on Tuesday, one on Wednesday - one had a birthday on Wednesday, sorting out a new phone yesterday evening (amazingly it worked, so far!) and here we are.

I can't even remember which day that it was that I decided to wear this French Connection printed skirt with this very warm, but quite short, jumper from Other Stories which I can only really wear with skirts or very high-waisted trousers. But at least it gets me in to a skirt on a cold day!

Hope that you have all had a great week - getting back to normal after Christmas, reading the new editions of the magazines for ideas for your spring wardrobe or even better, sales shopping!


  1. Hi Beth, all of the above! Mags & online shopping! We were all ready for school to start again but worn out after going back. You are so good wearing a skirt, I've wanted to hibernate all week! x

  2. Hi Natalie - hope that you have spied and purchased some lovely things! School is so tiring - you are right about that! Re the skirts - I force myself some days but I know too well that feeling of wanting to hibernate. x


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