Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Life's Guilty Pleasures!

Kate Spade gum gems bib necklace - such a great name! (£205)

What I would like to know is this: How is it possible to start the day thinking that your wardrobe is fine but end it with a list as long as your arm of pieces that you've identified that it is impossible to live without?

All was well with the world this morning. Then I went to visit a lovely client of mine who had just taken delivery of two pairs of gorgeous jeans. So that got me thinking about the state of my own jeans. Then we worked through her collection of White Company jumpers. So that too got me thinking about my own knitwear. After also working with her Lily and Lionel scarves and Miu Miu shoes with glitter on the sole, I was done for. We then took to the ipad to research jewellery and that's when I spotted the lovely pieces from Kate Spade lurking at Net a Porter or Selfridges or wherever it was. So that too got me thinking about my "much loved but not in quite the same league" necklaces from H&M. That was followed later on with an hour flicking through the latest glossies whilst at a ballet lesson with the youngest and they were full of beautiful floral and pale blue items. So all in all today, I have probably spent the best part of a couple of thousand pounds (in my head.)

But on reflection, I see this as a good thing. This morning I was slightly wondering where my fashion mojo had gone. Rarely do I wake up and not think about what I would like to look at online, or add into my wardrobe, or investigate further in the shops - and that's what makes my day a happy one - just in the same way that some people look forward to a glass of wine in the evening, or think about where to go on holiday. It's what I spend my time musing about as I go through my day -  an antidote to the sometimes sadder things with which we have to deal. But today it wasn't happening.

So, where's this all going? That, I must admit, I'm not sure - but I think that it's somewhere along the lines of this: although it's important to count your blessings, a little day dreaming and coveting is one of life's guilty pleasures and it's good for the soul (I think).