Friday, 24 January 2014

Pretty Printed Frocks...

I realise that I am asking for trouble in posting a picture wearing no make-up, no tights and in a bathroom which clearly needs to be relieved of its collection of spotty onesies and rubber ducks - but I consider it as being all in a good cause.
You see I bought this yellow print dress from Warehouse (£50) when I was out shopping for an event earlier in the week. I really liked the print and the colour - not necessarily for me - but it just stood out as being, well, sunny - and it's always good to show dresses with sleeves.
Then a friend asked me which dresses I had bought for the event and whether she could take a look, so the easiest thing was to stick it on, grab a pair of shoes, take a photo and whizz it over to her. Then I decided that it didn't look quite as bad as I'd thought it would, especially given the limitations of no make-up (all of which had been washed off whilst running in the rain) and no tights, so I decided to share it with you after all - just in case someone, somewhere, happened to be looking for an emergency dress purchase. I'm not saying that I would actually wear it like this - I just don't mind (too much) being seen looking like this.
It's hard to see but there is some detailing on the hip so do take a closer look via the link if you like the look of it.

Warehouse has a good selection of printed dresses in at the moment. As you know, I prefer to see, or try, things for myself before sharing them with you but I haven't been able to do that with all of the below. Having said that, I'm always fairly confident with the Warehouse dresses in terms of cost/fit/quality so I'm happy to suggest these to you.

I never forget that prints are a very individual thing so you may think "yuck" to some of them and "yum" to others. There's never really a one size fits all when it comes to prints, so it's more a case of taking what you like and leaving what you don't.

The fit of this graphic floral dress Warehouse (£38) is actually less bodycon in real life than it might suggest at a first glance. The black sleeves and panelling at the hem stop it from being too pretty pretty.

A sleeve is always a good option in a dress, both from a coverage and warmth perspective and there are plenty of colours to work with in this floral tunic dress Warehouse (£40). I would try play up the pink or the yellow in accessories, rather than the obvious navy or black.

For those who prefer a little more by way of shape at the waist, this floral dress Warehouse (£45) could be a good choice. The black detailing has a very good "narrowing" effect.

For anyone who likes the idea of a yellow printed dress, this blossom print dress (£60) is slightly more subtle than the one I am wearing. A dark background with a lighter print is also really flattering, so that's always something to bear in mind when on the hunt for printed clothing.

And just so that you know, the yellow printed dress also comes in a scarf. I'm detecting a hint of jumping on the Whistles bandwagon!

Hopefully these suggestions will help anyone who is on the hunt for a new dress (to be worn either with or without make-up/tights). Have a lovely weekend!