Thursday, 30 January 2014

The beauty of an uber big coat on a very cold day - and how to train boys to look after handbags!


We've had snow! It wasn't a huge amount and it hasn't settled but needless to say it was really, really cold here today. My friend and I ran for nearly two hours in it and despite wearing three layers, two of which were pretty thick, it still wasn't that warm. After returning home, I showered and headed straight into town to do some work and some jeans research (more on that tomorrow hopefully) but I also went to town because I have found that, after a long run, it is better to keep moving.

When it was time to do the school run, it was still freezing and I was grateful to have my Whistles parka. Luckily it is large enough to throw over any other jacket I may be wearing that day without making me feel squidged like a sausage in a skin . It wasn't something that I bore in mind when buying it but it's actually really handy to have a coat big enough to accommodate what you have on already, without having to take a layer off - which obviously totally defeats the object on a cold day.

The pockets are great too and they mean that I can stuff everything in them whilst leaving my handbag at home. Today however I didn't have time to decant everything into my pockets. When the car is full, as it was today, there isn't space for my bag to have its own seat so I had a dilemma. Abandon a child so that the bag can have a seat or ask a 12 year old boy to sit with my bag on his knee? I took the latter option. I did feel slightly bad for my son's friend but then I figured that it was good training for later in life - and quite possibly better than abandoning him at the railway station or making him sit on the roof. Handbags deserve respect! I do feel though, that I ought to mention it to his Mum, just in case she wonders from where he has gained his newly acquired knowledge of (semi) designer handbags!

In addition to the Whistles Parka I was wearing the Whistles Annabel jacket and Whistles jeans, Topshop pale blue jumper and belt, Zara boots and Jigsaw necklace.